Family Orthodontist

24 Hour Emergency Service
Most people dread going to the dentist, but using a premium orthodontics service makes it almost enjoyable. Mesa orthodontist Dr Tyler Robison offers a bevy of hard to find services in a cheerful environment. On of his most vital offerings, 24 hour emergency service, means you never need to wait when you or a family member requires care. You also don’t have to take time off from work or pull your child out of school with 24 hour services.

Some dental issues don’t require emergency treatment. You can treat a toothache by taking an aspirin and applying a cold compress to the outside of the cheek, then visit the dentist the following day. A lost crown or filling needs quick treatment, but can wait until morning. You can fill the cavity with SUGARLESS gum until you reach the dentist. You can temporarily hold a crown in place with dental cement (available at most major drug stores).

Immediate Treatment
Other issues require immediate treatment to save the tooth though. Chipped, broken or knocked out teeth require immediate treatment. For a chipped or broken tooth, save the piece(s) that broke off. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Rinse off the chipped pieces. Apply gauze to the area, if there’s bleeding. Get to the,dentist.

A knocked out tooth requires an extremely quick response. Salvage the tooth. Hold it by the crown, the part that hangs down in your mouth, not the root, the part that attaches inside the gums. Lightly rinse the root if it picked up dirt. Do not scrub the tooth or wash off attached tissue. Try to slide it back into place, but don’t force it into the socket. If it won’t rest there, place it in a small lidded container of milk or salted water. Get to the dentist immediately. The best chance of saving the tooth occurs within one hour of its knock out. Within one hour it should be reinserted to its socket.

A partially dislodged or extruded tooth requires the same quick treatment as a knocked out tooth. You may experience this as a partially knocked out tooth. Another scenario is a child losing a tooth. Their new, adult tooth pushing a smaller child tooth out can provide an extremely uncomfortable situation. In either scenario, apply a cold compress and take aspirin before heading to the dentist.

Problems with broken braces and their wires also require immediate attention. Dr. Robinson provides 24 hour emergency service because it’s convenient and necessary. Broken or cut wires on braces can dislodge. You could swallow it or breathe it into your lungs. Cover the protruding end with a bit of orthodontic wax or a cotton ball and get to the dentist. A loose bracket or band doesn’t require emergency treatment. Call for an appointment to Mesa AZ braces specialists.

An abscess requires immediate attention. These serious infections occur at or near the tooth’s root and/or between the gums and teeth. It requires immediate treatment to halt spreading to other teeth or elsewhere in the body. One outward sign of an abscess is a small, painful pimple-like swollen area on the gum. Rinse your mouth with salted water (1/2 teaspoon of salt in an eight ounces glass of water). See the dentist. You may continue the salt rinse several times per day after your visit.

If you damage your cheek, gums, lips or tongue, and the bleeding won’t stop despite applying gauze and light pressure for 15 to 20 minutes, visit the dentist for emergency treatment.