Dental Insurance Plans and Our Office

Mesa orthodontist Dr Tyler Robison accepts many dental insurance plans. Phone the office to learn if we already accept your dental insurance.

If you don’t already carry dental insurance, but want to, let our staff provide you a list of plans that we accept. That way, you can choose a plan you know your dentist accepts.

Dental insurance works a little differently than medical insurance. Rather than providing financial assistance with larger, unexpected expenses like medical or auto insurance does, dental insurance works more like a discount card. Offered through an employer, the employer contributes to payment via its large group premium. The insurer and employer negotiate what gets covered and how much is paid for each covered service. It often covers your standard care, such as an annual exam and cleanings. You may have a small co-pay for each visit.

If you purchase private dental insurance, you pick the plan. These pre-designed plans cover specific visits and preventative maintenance. They also may offer discounted rates on items such as crowns or fillings. More comprehensive plans may cover braces or invisalign. With these plans, you pay the full premium and sometimes pay a small co-pay at each visit.

Flexible Payment Options

Mesa orthodontist Dr Tyler Robison recognizes that dental insurance doesn’t cover all needs, all the time. Your dental health comes first. Dr. Robison offers flexible payment options, so you can get the treatment you need, when you need it. Phone the office to speak with the accounting staff about available payment options.