Why You Need an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies require immediate attention. This isn’t the time to find a dentist that is open, who accepts your insurance, and who can see you at a moment’s notice. Before any type of dental emergency occurs in your life, ensure that you have a 24-hour emergency dentist on hand to call.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any serious injury occurring to your teeth or mouth, and is a problem that needs immediate attention from a dentist to properly remedy. When an emergency strikes, getting the proper dental care can make the difference in saving a tooth and/or preventing further oral health issues from developing.

Examples of dental emergencies include:

  • Broken/Chipped teeth
  • Toothache that will not subside
  • Tooth has been knocked out
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Dislodged or protruding tooth
  • Lost filling
  • Object lodged between the teeth
  • Broken or loose braces

These problems cannot wait until the weekend is over or a few days for an appointment. Dental emergencies cannot wait until the holiday is over and the office opens again. Waiting for such a length of time could cause serious issues or permanent loss of a tooth or teeth. If you have an emergency dentist on hand, these injuries and emergencies won’t be so overwhelming because you can easily get the care that you need regardless of the time on the clock or the day of the week.

How to Find an Emergency Dentist

Find out if the dentist you currently use offers emergency services. If emergency care is provided, your work is done and you’re prepared for any type of dental emergency that comes your way no matter the hour on the clock. If your dentist doesn’t offer emergency care, begin researching various dental professionals in the area. Your insurance provider can help you find the best emergency dentists in the area. Friends, family members, and perhaps even co-workers can also be of great help when you need a dental referral. Don’t be shy, and ask everyone that you know. Use the internet to assist you as well. The web contains information such as testimonials and reviews of various providers that you can use to find the dentists worth your time and avoid those who are not.

Although costs of an emergency dentist are more than the costs of general dentistry services, you can find a provider offering reasonably priced care if you compare. There’s no cost to access the information above or to compare dental providers, so why not?

4 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist

A visit to the dentist isn’t something that anyone anticipates, however, the care and expertise of this professional is oftentimes needed when oral health issues affect you. Sometimes you need the care of an emergency dentist when an injury strikes your mouth or teeth. Emergency dentists offer care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to include holidays. Sometimes you need to see a dentist in the middle of the night or on a holiday, and to do this you need an emergency dentist. But, can’t you wait until the next day to make your, is it? Sometimes you can wait, but when other types of emergencies strike, waiting is only going to result in more damage and problems. Here are four reasons that you may need to visit an emergency dentist rather than waiting for your regular dentist.

1. Broken Tooth

If your tooth is broken, save the pieces of the tooth if possible, placing them inside of a glass of milk. Get to an emergency dentist quickly, since he may be able to salvage your tooth.

2. Tooth Pain

Tooth pain that won’t subside is cause to visit an emergency dentist. Nothing is quite as painful as a toothache, especially when nothing will ease the pain.

3. Dislodged Tooth

If you have a tooth that has been dislodged from the gum but is still inside your mouth, you shouldn’t delay the visit to the dentist on an emergency basis. Dislodged teeth can be saved, but only if you react quickly.

4. Jaw Pain

Many causes of jaw pain exist. Some of these causes are minor, while others cause major pain and disturbances with the teeth and the mouth. If you are experiencing severe jaw pain, get to the dentist immediately.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Many people dislike the dentist, but some people have a strong fear of the dentist. This fear is very much real, sometimes causing difficulty in even general dental visits. If you are one of the many people suffering from fears of the dentist, sedation dentistry is available.

Sedation dentistry is used for a variety of dental procedures, giving the patient a semi-conscious state while relaxing them from head to toe. Some people call sedation dentistry laughing gas, and it is true that most people that use it love laughing!

Several sedation dentistry options are available that minimize fears and anxiety so that you can get the dental care that you need. If you are tired of dental fears, perhaps it is time to consider sedation dentistry.